openvrml::null_node_metatype Class Reference

A placeholder node_metatype. More...

#include <openvrml/node.h>

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Public Member Functions

 null_node_metatype (openvrml::browser &browser) throw ()
virtual ~null_node_metatype () throw ()

Private Member Functions

virtual const
boost::shared_ptr< node_type
do_create_type (const std::string &id, const node_interface_set &interfaces) const throw ()
 Do not call.

Detailed Description

A placeholder node_metatype.

The null_node_metatype is provided for convenience for the uncommon (but not inconceivable) situation where one needs something that acts like a node, yet isn't a full-fleged node with proper node_metatype and node_type implementations.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openvrml::null_node_metatype::null_node_metatype ( openvrml::browser browser  )  throw () [explicit]


browser a browser.

openvrml::null_node_metatype::~null_node_metatype (  )  throw () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

const boost::shared_ptr< openvrml::node_type > openvrml::null_node_metatype::do_create_type ( const std::string &  id,
const node_interface_set interfaces 
) const throw () [private, virtual]

Do not call.

Correct code will not call this function.

Implements openvrml::node_metatype.